About the VRT Board

The Board establishes policy and guides the strategic priorities for the agency. Board members include representatives from Ada and Canyon counties, the incorporated cities, and highway districts. In addition, there are representatives from Boise State University, the College of Western Idaho, the Capital City Development Corporation, the Idaho Transportation Department (ex-officio) and the Meridian Development Corporation. The VRT Board is scheduled to meet four times in calendar year 2017 - in January, April , July, and September.

If you have any questions about the VRT Board, or need to access old board meeting packets/files, please call 208-258-2702.



2017 Meeting Calendar - VRT Board and Executive Board

Executive Board

This is a standing committee of the board, It reviews matters related to budget, finance, operations, governmental and legislative actions. The 11-member Executive Board focuses on the internal and operational issues of the agency and works closely with the executive director in the management of Valley Regional Transit.

Executive Board membership/Meeting Calendar 2017

Public Comment
The public is invited to provide written comment on an agenda item or provide comment at the VRT Board meetings. Please refer to the Board Agenda and Preparation Policy for more information.


August 7, 2017
Meeting Packet

July 10, 2017
Meeting Packet
Title VI Document

June 5, 2017
Meeting Packet
May 1, 2017 (Joint meeting with the Regional Coordination Council)

Meeting Packet
April 3, 2017
Meeting Packet
March 6, 2017

Meeting Packet
February 6, 2017

Meeting Packet
FY2016 Audit Letter
FY2016 Audit
January 9, 2017
Meeting Packet
December 5, 2016
Meeting Packet
November 7, 2016 (Joint meeting with Regional Coordination Council)
Meeting Packet