This is a standing committee of the Valley Regional Transit Board. It was developed to provide a forum for transportation and human service staff to share information and to collaborate on mobility issues. Members of the Council provide advice to VRT on its transportation programs and disseminate mobility information to their stakeholders. The RCC is charged with oversight of updates to the Transportation Service Coordination Plan. Members also provide input and guidance on the Local Mobility Management Network (District 3C). The RCC normally meets the first Tuesday of April, May, June, September, October, November and December.

RCC Vacancies

VRT is seeking to fill two open positions on its Regional Coordination Council (RCC). The RCC is a standing committee of the VRT Board. The panel provides a forum for transportation and human service providers to share information and to collaborate on mobility issues. The two open volunteer positions are needed to represent non-emergency medical transport and local governments. READ MORE...

RCC Application Form

Regional Coordination Council Membership/Schedule 2017


 Deborah Allen
 John Bechtel
 Veterans  482-6446
 Susan Bradley
 Transit Consumer  794-9431
 Amanda Brelsford
 Low-income Families
and Individuals  246-8830
ext. 10
 Lisa Brady
 Educational Programs  344-5502
ext. 291
 Therrie Butz
 Housing  287-1055
 Leslie Felton-Jue
Vice Chair
 Neighborhood Associations  342-1864
 Kara Fink
 Limited English Proficiency  336-4222
 Annette Harper
 Urban Transportation Provider  387-6167
 Terri Lindenberg
 Rural Transportation Provider/
Statewide Coordination  463-9111
 Jason Madsen
 Blind/Visually Impaired
Community  639-8388
 Jeremy Maxand
 Persons with Disabilities  391-8988
 Courtney Rosenkoetter 
 At-large  381-4294
 Eric Selekof
 Community Services  381-4294
 Mark Wasdahl
 Transportation Integration
 Donna Waters
 Older Adults  365-4461
 Tina Wilson
 Employers  615-6083
 TBD  Local Governments
 TBD  Non-Emergency Medical Transport

 Kelli Badesheim
 VRT Staff 
2017 Meeting Dates (all meetings will be held in the Board Room at VRT Administration Offices, 700 NE 2nd Street in Meridian)

» February 21 - 9 a.m.
» April 18 - 9 a.m.
» May 1* - 11 a.m.
» June 20 - 9 a.m.
» Sept. 19 - 9 a.m. (Orientation meeting)
» October 17 - 9 a.m.
» November 6* - 11 a.m.
» December 19 - 9 a.m

* Joint meeting with the VRT Executive Board

Public Comment

The public is invited to provide written comment on an agenda item or provide comment at the VRT Board meetings. Please refer to the
Board Agenda and Preparation Policy for more information.