Almost nine out of 10 Treasure Valley residents (88 percent) support expanding public transportation, according to a February 2002 public opinion survey. Eleven percent told pollsters that were neutral on the subject, while two percent said they do not support expansion.
In addition, 60 percent of poll respondents said they support funding for public transportation, 29 percent said they would consider supporting funding and 11 percent said they would not.
The overall goal of the survey was to determine attitudes toward public transportation in general, future needs, and support for funding public transportation service described in the proposed service alternatives that came out of the Transportation Development Plan. In addition, the survey provided:

  • Baseline data on key measures of awareness of, attitudes toward, and the use of public transportation in the Treasure Valley.
  • A reliable estimate of the actual number of public transportation users in the area, an understanding of potential demand for service, and the barriers to increasing ridership.
  • A clear measure of the value of public transportation services in the community.

The survey involved telephone interviews among a random sample of adults in Ada and Canyon counties. A total of 600 interviews were done.