Thank you for taking our online survey regarding a planned redesign of our fixed-route bus system in Nampa/Caldwell

Posted: 4/7/2020

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Valley Regional Transit (VRT) is proposing an innovative redesign of the ValleyRide fixed-route service in Nampa and Caldwell and collected public input about the plan. 

“This system redesign is an opportunity to pilot a new way to deliver transit services,” said Stephen Hunt, VRT principal planner. “This new, on-demand transit model takes advantage of technology innovations that could increase ridership, close service gaps, and provide service to more destinations.”   

The ValleyRide bus system in Nampa/Caldwell currently operates three bus routes as a traditional fixed route system, with set route pathways and stops. A customer using the new on-demand transit service would have the ability to request a ride between any two stops through a mobile device, phone, or driver facilitated. This would optimize requests to minimize delays and maximize productivity with possible wait times of 30 minute or less. It also would provide direct service between all stops in Nampa and Caldwell. 

Buses are only sent out when there is demand for services. The new transit service would provide for continual optimization to avoid congestion and other delays in travel. Fares would remain the same under this new service model.

A total of 228 people took the online survey, which was open until June 15. We will provide an update on the survey results. We are currently in the process of reviewing proposals from companies that would provide the software and other operational materials for the new service.

Any changes to the existing bus service would be implemented in October 2020.