What do you think of State Street in Boise? Take the survey.

Posted: 10/16/2020

Categories: State Street Survey Future development

The Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC) wants you to share your thoughts About State Street. What’s working? What’s missing? What changes would you like to see? This survey is your chance to help CCDC understand priorities and needs along this important street corridor.

State Street is a defining part of Boise and many past planning efforts and studies have shaped its future. However, clear direction on how to achieve the future direction of State Street is missing. The City of Boise has determined that the area is eligible for urban renewal assistance and is proceeding with studies and public engagement to determine if a State Street District should be formed. The goal of this project is to improve infrastructure, diversity Boise’s housing stock, leverage existing recreation facilities, and plan for growth responsibly.

Learn more and take the survey.

The deadline for taking the survey is Friday, November 13.