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Traffic Agencies Must Sell Freedom

Some of you may have watched the recent Winter Olympic Games, during which, Toyota ran several ads highlighting individual mobility. The core message: celebrate the notion of freedom. Yet, absent from these commercials were actual vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers have long sold themselves as purveyors of freedom. For decades in America, the purchase of a vehicle was not just a financial transaction, but the key to personal freedom. Through their commercial, Toyota was similarly connecting the notion of athletic freedoms to the personal freedoms granted by their vehicles ...

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Thank you to everyone who provided comment on ValleyConnect 2.0

ValleyConnect 2.0 envisions a public transportation system that offers numerous options to travel around the region. It is Valley Regional Transit’s response to the need to accommodate both current transportation needs and future growth in the Treasure Valley. The Valley Regional Transit Board of Directors approved the plan at its April 2 meeting.

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New Travel Information Volunteer

Welcome Evan Stone our newest Travel Information Volunteer (TIV). Evan has been riding our system for two years. She is a former bookkeeper who is currently a full-time student in the Valley. She uses the bus as her primary source of transportation and is interested in the program because she loves to socialize with people.

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