Canyon/Intercounty Service Changes

Posted: 8/22/2017

Categories: Press Release

MERIDAN – The Valley Regional Transit (VRT) Board on Monday approved a major redesign of ValleyRide fixed route service in Nampa/Caldwell and minor changes to intercounty service.

The changes, designed to improve connections to new developments, increase ridership and enhance connections to key institutions, will go into effect on Monday, January 15th.
Stephen Hunt, VRT Principal Planner, said he will work with operations staff to develop new time schedules and stops for the Nampa/Caldwell system and for intercounty service affected by the service changes. He said this information will be posted online as soon as possible.

The service changes involve combining four Nampa/Caldwell routes into two routes, extending Route 42 to include the Happy Day Transit Center as a stop, and retiming route 41 stops. More details about the upcoming services changes can be found at