VRT to offer free transportation to Treefort attendees

Posted: 3/6/2019

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“Sometimes it’s hard to get from one end of downtown to the other to see the acts on your list,” said Valley Regional Transit Executive Director Kelli Badesheim. “We wanted to offer services that support this event in a meaningful and sustainable way.”

In addition to saving the feet of Treefort fans, the Treeline service will provide a pop-up venue for some of the musical acts coming to town. VRT is working with Treefort to find bands to play music on the circulator buses.

Boise GreenBike is also making it easier for people to get from one venue to another. For the entire run of the festival all rides up to four hours will be free, thanks to a sponsorship from KeyBank. The bike share program is also drawing a “super hub” around much of downtown. The bikes can be locked anywhere within the hub without the usual extra fee for locking away from a designated station hub.

“KeyBank is excited to sponsor the festival rides and the Boise GreenBike network this year. It’s important to support community events like this and provide a green form of transportation. It is our hope everyone has a fun and safe time at Treefort this year,” said Steve Storey, KeyBank Idaho President. 

To take advantage of the free bike rides, patrons will have to join the Boise GreenBike network. Go to Boise.GreenBike.com and sign up.

For more information on the Treeline bus service and Boise GreenBike visit the Valley Regional Transit and Boise GreenBike Facebook pages.

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