For Employers

Valley Regional Transit offers two employer pass programs that are designed to help your employees with transportation costs:

Premium Pass Program

Commuting is a major component in recruiting and retaining employees. Premium Pass is a great employee benefit that you can offer your employees to ease the cost and hassle of commuting. You purchase Premium passes for your employees through an annual contract with Valley Regional Transit. To learn more about the program, click on the links below:

Choice Pass Program

Helping your employees obtain their bus passes is a great way to encourage bus ridership. The Choice Pass Program is a simple way to do just that. With the Choice Pass Program, your employees can get their bus passes right at work. Plus, the bus passes they can get through you are discounted at a savings of at least $60 a year.

To learn more about the program, click on the links below:

Tax-free commuter benefits

This benefit helps employers save on payroll related taxes while employees can reduce their federal tax burden. Employees can set aside pre-tax dollars for qualified parking, public transportation and bicycling costs. The limits in 2019 are $265 a month each for transit and parking. Read more...