VRT Late Night

VRT Late Night is a program for low-income job access that operates during the hours ValleyRide buses are not running. In partnership with Lyft, Valley Regional Transit will offer $3 Lyft rides to and from work for qualified riders.

Steps to take if you are a new rider:
1). Register rider through Valley Regional Transit
2). Provide VRT with rider's cell phone number
3). Download Lyft app and create Lyft account
4). Get approval from VRT to ride
5). Lyft activates promo code in the rider's phone
6). Take a ride

Populations served: Low-income workers
Hours of operation: 9 p.m. Monday to 6 a.m. Sunday
Fare: $3 per trip (VRT will pay up to $15 of the ride cost)
Learn more about the service area
If you are interested, you need to fill out a registration form