How to Ride

How to use ValleyRide bus services in three easy steps - Boise

When is bus service available?
» Boise fixed route: Monday through Saturday (reduced level of service on Saturday)
» Nampa/Caldwell fixed route: Monday through Friday
»  Intercounty : Monday through Friday

► Step One: determine whether the bus system will take you where you need to go and if the route schedules fit your needs. Download the bus system map

Printed route brochures are available at numerous locations, including Main Street Station (777 W. Main St. in downtown Boise), the Happy Day Transit Center (5901 Cleveland Blvd. in Caldwell) Boise City Hall, Boise State University, Albertsons stores, the Boise Public Library, or by calling 208-345-7433.

The individual route brochures contain a map of the route (which shows bus stop locations), a time schedule and fare information. Time points indicate what time a bus will be at a particular location (e.g. an intersection).

You can determine the time you can catch the bus by identifying the two time points between your pick-up location. As a general rule, you want to be at the bus stop no later than the closet time point prior to your stop.

► Step two: learn how to catch the bus

Our bus system has fixed-location bus stops. The location of the bus stops are on each route map. Make sure the driver can see you waiting at the stop. If it is dark, you may want to wave at the bus operator.
The bus driver cannot make change. If you have a bicycle, there is a bicycle rack on the front of every bus. A rack holds at least two bikes. No bikes are allowed on the bus; if the rack is full, you can either lock up your bike near the bus stop or wait for the next bus.

► Step three: learn how to transfer

Depending on what route you take and your final destination, you may have to transfer to another bus. We have a transit centers at the Boise Towne Square Mall and Main Street Station (MSS) in downtown Boise. On weekdays, routes 1-6, 7A, 7B and 9 stage at MSS; routes 8X, 10, 11, 16 and 17 stage at 8th and Main outside the station. On Saturdays, routes 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 (A & B)  and 9 stage at MSS. 
If you are uncertain about what bus you need to transfer to, ask your driver. Information about is available at You can also plan your trip in advance by calling Rideline customer service at 345-RIDE (7433) or by using the trip planner on the home page of or the transit page of the website

Nampa/Caldwell and intercounty service

Single-ride and one-day passes can passes can be purchased on the buses. Thirty-one day passes can be purchased at the Happy Day Transit Center, Albertsons stores at 715 12th Avenue South and 2400 12th Avenue Road in Nampa, and 2500 E. Blaine St. in Caldwell. Universal passes, good for all ValleyRide bus services, are available at all bus pass sales outlets. A listing of these outlets is available on our fares and passes page.

If you want to plan ahead, you can use our trip planner or call our Help Desk at 208-345-7433.

Fixed-route service
ValleyRide has three fixed-line routes that provide service between Caldwell and Nampa and/or within the city limits of both municipalities. Several bus stops along each route have time points that indicate when the bus will arrive. If your bus stop doesn’t have a time point, you can determine when the bus will arrive by finding the time point prior to your stop.  
If you need to take more than one bus, you may want to buy a one-day pass.

Inter county service
The four intercounty service routes are geared primary for commuters and students. However, Route #42 offers all-day service between Nampa and Boise.
► Route 40 Nampa Express begins in Nampa and makes scheduled stops in  Meridian and Boise.
► Route 42 Nampa Limited Stop begins at the Happy Day Transit Center and provides service to Nampa, Meridian and Boise. 
► Route 43 Caldwell Express begins in Caldwell and travels non-stop to Boise, where it makes several stops.
► Route 45 BSU Express provides service between the Boise State University, downtown Boise campus and the College of Western Idaho campus in Nampa.

Travel Training

Learn how to ride ValleyRide buses and read bus schedules through our Travel Training program! This service is provided free of charge to anyone. We can help even if your disability makes it difficult for you to ride, read maps or schedules, or identify your bus stop. We can assist you in planning your trips!

You can receive free travel training from Valley Regional Transit Travel Trainers. They will help you plan your trip and ride with you to your destination during the training period. You determine the level of needed training.

Have you already participated in our Travel Training Program?  TELL US about it.

Travel Training Services

  • Trip planning and route training
  • Provides customized service for each person to successfully use public transportation
  • Designed for everyone, including seniors and people with disabilities
  • Group Training and persentations available upon request

What are the benefits of travel training?

  • You have the independence and flexibility to travel when and where you desire
  • You do not have to schedule rides in advance
  • Announcements are made at all major intersections and landmarks to alert you to your stop
  • You can become familiar with your route

If you have questions or are ready to schedule an appointment with a travel trainer, please call 208-345-7433.


Graphic of free bus pass contest

Learn more by reading the contest rules


To view a ValleyRide system map, click on the image below:

ValleyRide System Map

Access the ValleyRide system map in pdf format

We have three major transfer centers - Main Street Station in Downtown Boise, the Boise Towne Square Mall and the Happy Day Transit Center in in Caldwell. 

Learn more about what buses stop at each transfer center.

Large-type bus schedules for the Boise, Nampa/Caldwell, and inter county service will be posted soon.

Learn more about public transportation by visiting our Rider's Education page

The website includes a contest to win an annual pass and a Downtown Boise Association gift card. Read more about the terms and conditions of the contest.


Good stuff to know

► Every fixed-line and inter county bus has a bike rack installed in the front. Each rack can hold at least two bikes. No bikes are allowed inside the bus. Use of the bike rack is on a first-come, first-served basis. 
► When in doubt, you can always call the VRT Help Desk at 208-345-7433 between 7 a.m. and  6 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays.
► The hours of operation for the Nampa/Caldwell fixed line service is 6:20 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. weekdays. The hours of operation for the intercounty service is approximately 5:35 a.m. to 7:05 p.m. weekdays

Visit our how-to videos page

Visit our FAQ page


Become a Travel Information Volunteer

We are actively recruiting for ValleyRide's Travel Information Volunteer Program. If you know our transit system and would enjoy helping others find their way, then we want you!

  • Ride our buses for free while you volunteer
  • Help people learn about our bus system
  • Counts as community service
  • Applicants must have been riding ValleyRide buses for at least two years; pass a felony background check and basic routing test and have a valid email address. For more information or to apply, call the VRT Help Desk at 208-345-7433, or Denise Prunetti at 208-258-2715