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The outbound stop at Gary and Bunch is temporarily closed. A temporary stop is in place nearside in front of the H&R Block.
The State and Collister intersection reconstruction project is expected to make unsafe a large area extending in both directions on State Street for an extended period of time. It is not recommended that bus riders attempt to cross the construction area. Riders who live or commute to areas west of the canal or Collister or near the Edgewater Apartments should use the stops at State and Marketplace. Riders who live near or commute to areas east of the canal or Collister or the Samaritan Village area should use the provided stops for the #10 route at Collister and Castle or, alternatively, the stops at State and Willow provided they don’t have to cross the construction zone to get to Willow. All stops in the vicinity of the construction zone, including in front of the Collister Shopping Center, will be closed for the duration of the project.
Route 16 is on detour. After exiting the VA campus, the bus will travel through the roundabout on to Reserve, right on Avenue E and left on Jefferson back on route. The only stop that is closed is the one at Jefferson and Avenue C.
All Route 28 outbound stops and Route 29 inbound stops on Cole Road are closed due to construction.
The bus will no longer enter the Franklin Park & Ride lot in Caldwell. A temporary bus stop has been placed on the north side of Franklin near the light pole.
The stop at Federal Way and Protest Hill is closed. No temporary stop is in place.